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The computer-based analytical system recognizes every fluctuations in INR and makes successful predictions for the nearest future.

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We answer to the requests of every client. Our support service works in the 24/7 mode. The FAQ section is constantly updated.


we care for the poor and the downtrodden people by offering them the help they need. You could be earning good and leading a successful life.

About Us

Make Sea Dream is not any investment Company which will increase or double your money. We offer a platform where everyone can help each other and earn some help. While you raise support for the poor and needy, please do not consider that you will get something in return with some extra benefits. Though you will get but it is better not to expect it. You can offer help with your spare money only.

When you transfer any fund to other members it's your own goodwill that comes for you. This is how Make Sea Dream work and extends the support to the people who have been suffering from emotional and financial support. You can be the part of it and allow the chain of happiness to grow and expand the making things work.

Awesome Features

Following different features

Key Features

Epin,Ewallet,shopping cart,Backup & restore, Form builder, Add Facebook,Twitter,Payment gateway,Multi Ecurrencie’s

Backup System

The Backup feature allows you to create a backup MYSQL file that is a copy of your database that can only be restored in to site.

Fund Transfer

In today’s modern world, people are always on move one place to another for fund transfer.Instant payment services are the immediate requirement for everyone.

Multiple Currency

MLM supports multiple currencies to provide services to all global customers. Everyone has the ability to choose the currency they prefer.

Quick Overview

Following Quick Overview

What is Helping Plan ?

MLM Helping Plan is a concept which is based on give single and take multiple Opportunities and this plan also known as help plan in the MLM industry.

  • We must stand up the targeted empathetic.
  • Think tank framework compassion.
  • Optimism ecosystem incubator compelling.
  • Optimism ecosystem incubator compelling.
  • Improve the world justice empower communities.


Last 10 Provide Help

2018-08-07 4000 INR
2018-08-07 4000 INR
2018-08-07 4000 INR

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2018-08-07 4000 INR
2018-08-07 4000 INR
2018-08-07 4000 INR

Make Sea Dream Plan For Self

Provide Help (PH) - First INR 500 to INR 100000

Get 10% Instant without wasting time from every Provide Helpin (PH).
Choose your Provide Helpin (PH)

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Yes, this is a real helping concept. It is your duty to run it smoothly. Please do not make any wrong commitment here. It will save our Community peoples..
Yes, any person above 18 years age can join this Community anywhere from the World.
Just go to JOIN US link. Enter your details, and you will become a member of this Community. Please read all the Terms & Conditions before you join with us..
No problem, any person from the World can join this Community. We update all the news and information on emails and contact numbers. So you can always have a touch with everything..
A transaction is a transfer of value between Bitcoin wallets that gets included in the block chain. Bitcoin wallets keep a secret piece of data called a private key or seed, which is used to sign transactions.

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